Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I am back! with Dominican Amber and Larimar

Just had a wonderful holiday in the Dominican Republic with the family. I tried my best to avoid jewellery, but failed miserably. We stayed within the Playa Darado resort after arriving at the the airport at Puerta Plata. On our third day we were given a guided tour of Puerta Plata which included a visit to a local Amber and Larimar jewellery factory. Amber we all know about. However, we were given an introduction to the one and only Larimar jewellery. Larimar Stone (Blue Pectolite) is a rare form of pectolite with a blue green appearance similar to the colour of the Caribbean Sea.

Larimar is mined at 'Las Chupaderos' int he section of 'Los Cheseses' This is 10 Kilometres Southwest of Barahona in the South Western region of the Dominican Republic.

Discovered by Norman Rilling and Miguel Mendez, the name was given to this stone by Senor Mendez. It is a combination of 'Larissa' (his daughter's name) and Mar, the Spanish word for sea.

I could not resist the seduction of this stone which, I understand has metaphysical powers. Legend has it that the Dominican Republic is part of the lost city of Atlantis. In the future I hope to research this further. But in the meantime I will be posing in my beautiful Dominican Amber and Larimar bracelet and ring.