Thursday, 6 September 2012

Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party

This summer we had the pleasure of selling at the SGP Festival near Cambridge. This was a great festival, which although started rainy with lots of mud for the first two days, it became nice and warm with lots of things to do. Of course we set up our tent and stall with a view to providing those Gardeners with fabulous Unique Unusual Gift Ideas Due to the rain and the mud, business was slow for the first two days. However, the last two days saw brisk business. SGP is a wonderful festival whose theme this year was Standing on Ceremony. The participants did their utmost best to fit in with this theme and there were some fabulous costumes on show. The fire works display on the lake was fantastic, and a set by Orbital was out of this world. Will be there again next year.......

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blessed is the land of Mozambique
for this where you were first concieved.
A beautiful journey through time has
brought you to my reality.
I taste your thigh, I ask my self why?
my mouth burns so sweet.
A sensation
so strange invokes a latent spirit within
a golden sarcophagus that lay hitherto motionless.
Through a fault of San Andreas proportions,
tectonic plates of emotions transmit shockwaves throughout every living tissue ,
I take a deep breath.
A mathmos of passion bubbles beneath a wafer like crust of consciousness,
erupting through a fissure and forming a hot geyser of realisation.
Your taste is a key of divine specification,
unlocking a portal to days of yore,

This is a poem i made a while ago. This has nothing to do with Monkey Shirley but its all about creativity !