Thursday, 27 August 2009

Monkey Shirley's Poetry Corner

Blessed is the land of Mozambique
for this where you were first concieved.
A beautiful journey through time has
brought you to my reality.
I taste your thigh, I ask my self why?
my mouth burns so sweet.
A sensation
so strange invokes a latent spirit within
a golden sarcophagus that lay hitherto motionless.
Through a fault of San Andreas proportions,
tectonic plates of emotions transmit shockwaves throughout every living tissue ,
I take a deep breath.
A mathmos of passion bubbles beneath a wafer like crust of consciousness,
erupting through a fissure and forming a hot geyser of realisation.
Your taste is a key of divine specification,
unlocking a portal to days of yore,
and golden memories only,
the chosen can share.

St Laurent Du Var

Just had a wonderful family holiday in the South of France. We stayed at a hotel just west of Nice Aeroport. We have been to Nice on numerous occasions, but due to business commitments it has never felt like we were on holiday. However, on this occasion we managed to find a Novotel Hotel with the obligatory swimming pool (For the kids), and a distance away from the hustle & bustle that is Nice. St Laurent Du Var is a Ville in it's own right with a giant shopping Centre called CAP 3000. There are also a number of stylish furniture shops in and around the shopping centre. There is also a sand beach close by. However, this is not white sand but a kind of dark volcanic variety.

We also managed to take a few trips to Antibes. We visited a number of eating establishments in and around Viel Antibes, as well as browsing the numerous boutiques which exist in the area. As usual, the French seem to be ahead in the fashion accessories department. We bought a few items for the children, and are looking at sourcing some of these fabulous items to sell in our shop. We also visited AntibesLand, which is an amusement park that opens from 5pm until 2am during the summer months. I not sure of the reasoning for opening during these times, but I guess it maybe due to the high daytime temperatures during the summer months.

Well! we are back in blighty