Thursday, 1 October 2009

Monthly Draw

October's Draw winner is Danielle White.
Danielle has won Twenty Pounds woth of items from our shop in the Lock Up Yard.
(Prize must be collected by 31st October)
A big thank you to Barbara who collected her prize this week.
See you soon!

Monkey Shirley's Poetry Corner

A is for Anchovies in a Salad Nicoise
B is for boiled eggs whilst watching Tiswas
C is for Collared Greens I am yet to taste
D is for Dumplings devoured in haste
E is for Egg Flip sipped as a child
F is for a Fromage thats exceedingly mild
G is for Grapefruit refreshingly sour
H is for Hibiscus, a Jamaican Flower
I is for instant coffee consumed in the morning
J is the juice when a new day is dawning
K is for Kiwi, so delicious to eat
L is for Lychees which is also a treat
M is for Mango, a taste to behold
N is for Nectarine, to ward off a cold
O is for Octopus, which I have ate in a salad
P is for Pistachio, described in a Ballad
Q is for Quid, the price of a Guiness
R is for Rhododendrons grown in John Innes
S is for Soursop Juice, a delight to drink
T is for .............(To be continued)


We have had numerous enquiries about our S.T.A.M.P.S Watches. We are waiting for a delivery from France, and I was informed that they should arrive on Wednesday 7th October at the latest.